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Ensemble Planeta Remix Album


Made from the a cappella group "Ensemble Planeta ", which is famous for its innovative classical arrangements.

Up-and-coming creators from all walks of life remix

Borderless genre album

Participating creators are "KO KIMURA", a major figure in the Japanese house dance music world, "Gus BONANI" who is always ranked high in Beatport in Argentina, "Hiroshi Matsui" who is famous as a producer of MISIA and Tokyo girls' style, and deep. From the Bokaro Anison world, there are a wide variety of music such as "ZANIO", noise electronica, and "Atsushi Yamaji", who is famous for contemporary music.


Gus Bonani

Born in Argentina in the 80's, he loved music from a young age and listened to synth pop at the time, which would influence his musical style throughout his childhood. Enthusiastic about electronic music in 1998, he followed his passion in 2006 and started making music with Propelllahead Reason. Later moved to Ableton Live. Since then, he has spent a lot of time making music to create powerful beats and euphoric melodies, setting all of his creative energy with his work to deliver the finest grooves and atmosphere, thick bass and emotions. I'm pouring into.

After making music for many years, he started performing at parties, bars and nightclubs. The current set and work is a unique style that fuses deep house, tribal house and tech house.

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Top DJ in the domestic dance music scene, celebrating 35 years of professional DJ experience in 2020. Not only has he continued to lead the scene from the beginning of the club to the present, but he has also had a great influence on many young and mid-career DJs who are currently active, especially in the domestic house music scene. , Has many fans not only in Japan but also overseas, and actively performs local and overseas performances, serializes how to restore motorcycles in the 1940s in Harley magazine, and eats around the world. He is an artist who practices a lot of cultivated makeup not only in the dance music scene but also all over the world, such as being published in articles and actively engaged in animation-related activities. In December 2018, the original album "Underdigic" of Unit: MODEWARP with NOGUCHI KAZUAKI will be released!

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Born in Fukushima prefecture. In 2003, he started DJing at the Shibuya module, a disco in Tokyo. In 2008, he formed ZANEEDS with CHAN × CO, an illustrator whom he met through an internet site, and has been active for four years, mainly at overseas events. After the dissolution, it became a solo and the 1st major album

Released "ZANIO --TWO WORLDS" from KING RECORDS [1]. In 2014, he moved his production base to Aizuwakamatsu City, and in addition to DJing in Tokyo and other countries, he released mainly progressive house and provided music. Since 2015, he has been producing at a studio in Tokyo, working on advertising music such as "NISSAN x nicolai bergmann" and "MIZUNO x NANO UNIVERSE".

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Hiroshi Matsui

aka Royal Mirrorball

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In 1986, he started "Parco Grand Bazaar Summer CF" and released "Many Commercial Music" as a commercial composer and arranger. After that, he started composing and arranging songs, and in parallel, started to independently produce and release "analog 12-inch records" in a "guerrilla-like" manner. One of them will be released as a "license from an indie label" in New York and will be introduced on Billboard.

After that, he launched his own label "RMS records". Including the oversized hit song of "MISIA", "Japanese R & B" such as "Natori Kaori / Candy / Miliyah Kato", and "Idol Kayo" such as "SweetS / Alisa Mizuki / Morning Musume. / Yu Yamada" , "K. Tenjo Tomoki" and other "Providing songs to Korean stars", all of which are gorgeous and nostalgic at discos that "become addictive". I am doing a "good job" without any omissions. Now a hot music producer.

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Based in NY since 1998 as a DJ / Producer, he has produced and released numerous Tribal / Tech Houses. ʼEverything You Feel ʼ under the name of TAROT was played by Tech House DJs all over the world and became a hot topic. Since 2007, he has moved his base of activities to Tokyo and is producing the latest dance music on his own label, Alpha One Net. Recently in the name of DJ SHINKAWA & TAROT

Released many songs, Res Q Me's hit is new to memory. As a DJ, he has played in many clubs such as WOMB, R LOUNGE, and AiSOTOPE LOUNGE.




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Born in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture. Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen University Wind Instrument Course (Saxophone Department). Encountered dance music while attending college and started making music. In 2015, the record label "Minaka Record /" was the predecessor of "Minaka Record Co., Ltd."

Launch "WANTYOU! Records". Established "Gochu Record Co., Ltd." in 2017.



Yamaji Atsushi (Atsushi Yamaji)

While working as a composer of classical and contemporary music, he also works on a wide range of music from video music to popular music. Especially in computer music and noise music, his works have been announced at many overseas music festivals and are highly evaluated. In addition to commercial music for companies such as Cartier and Panasonic Latin America, many video music works have been selected and screened at the Shanghai World Expo and film festivals around the world. After working as a visiting researcher at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Music and Stanford University, he is currently a professor at the Faculty of Informatics, Osaka Electro-Communication University. Received a PhD from Toru Takemitsu's empirical research on popular songs and film music. Received the 2nd Osaka Cinema Festival Music Award for the movie "Sad Angel" (directed by Kazuki Omori). Selected for Fashion Film Festival Milano for "Dies Irae" in collaboration with Simon Fisher Turner. Others "Yakuza" and "K-ON! Live after school! !! While pursuing the possibility of sound expression as a new media, such as working on a lot of game music for many years, he has a wide range of activities that cross the fields of art and entertainment.

quiet diary face_edited.jpg

Naoko Kakiage

Formed the unit "OPERA" and started concert activities mainly at festivals in various parts of Europe such as Nice, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm. At the Locarno Film Festival, he won the Grand Prix in the media performance category in collaboration with Katsuhiro Yamaguchi.

After that, he started working in Japan as "Eccentric Opera" and released 4 albums from EPIC Records.

The best compilation album including the theme "Sansara" of Fuji TV "The Nonfiction" has also been released. Solo and "BAROQUE" "Psalm" from Pony Canyon. In 2018, he released a solo album with "Requiem" from the new label kakiAge. "Unloved lover" in Japanese lyrics is especially popular. The "Quiet Diary" series, which is released irregularly, develops dark electronica under the name of Naoko Kakiage.

Video works such as the soundtrack of the Kadokawa movie "Brother Kirikusa" and Studio Ghibli "Taneyamagahara no Yoru". He has collaborated with Senyokô (PARI) on "One Sunny Day" recorded in Requiem, including the production of Fumiaki Miyamoto's albums "AIR", "Ensemble Planeta", and Clémentine.

[Release information]

■ Label: INFAS MUSC / kakiAge
■ Product number: INFAS -0038
■ JAN: 4562279384381
■ Price: ¥ 1.665 (¥ 1.850)
■ Release: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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