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I wonder as I wander


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A group of four female voices who create a timeless world view in the style of "a cappella" that makes the most of their individuality by giving new arrangements to classical masterpieces and European folk songs.

Since his debut in 2001, he has released 11 CDs under the arranger Kakiage Nahoko, and has been featured on many TV, radio and commercials. (Noshin, Ion Cosmetics, Suntory "Fresine", Hino Motors "Hino Noniton", Studio Ghibli "Taneyamagahara no Yoru", etc.)

In addition to concerts all over the country, he has been blessed with opportunities to work overseas in recent years, and after having succeeded in Korea and Hong Kong in 2006, it was held in Europe in May 2008 in Leipzig, Germany. He was the first Japanese to perform at the A Cappella Festival and received acclaim, and the concert at the local church and the classical hall of Gevant House was introduced on the German national broadcast.

The following year, he performed at the Chorus Festival in Lombardy, Italy in 2009, the International A Cappella Festival in Korea again in 2010, and the International Chorus Festival in Washington, DC, USA in 2016. The range of activities is expanding overseas, such as being introduced in the local newspaper Washington Post.


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