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Senyokô is an independent luxury brand based in Paris. The perfume department in it presents the joy of next-generation perfumes by extracting stories from literature and music with the concept of combining French luxury and Japanese elegance, creating further interpretations with scents, and unraveling them. There is.
In collaboration with Kakiage Nahoko, "Madama butterfly II" expresses the truly unique "Madame Butterfly" based on Puccini's opera "Madame Butterfly".

Click here for a commentary by Tomoo Inaba , a scent expert who is familiar with perfumes around the world, while creating as a perfumer.

Purchase can be here. Free shipping during the campaign
If you email us, we will import it on your behalf (there is a shipping fee from Tokyo to the destination)

Limited sale of 4 types of perfume samples , Kakiage Nahoko CD `` Requiem'' and Senyokô

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The discovery set contains samples from Sen yokô's latest creations.


• Madama Butterfly II --Eau de Parfum 1 ml 0.03 fl. Oz.

• Migration de L'Arbre --Eau de Parfum 1 ml 0.03 fl. Oz.

• La Tsarine --Eau de Parfum 1 ml 0.03 fl. Oz.

• Duo des Fleurs --Eau de Parfum 1 ml 0.03 fl. Oz.

Made in France

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