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Ensamble Planeta, who debuted in 2001, is a mini-album with 6 songs on the 9th CD by new members. They often sing classical melodies with Kakiage Nahoko's arrangement, but this time they are all original songs.
"The microcosm in a variant --- the vitality overflows in the binding of a female voice, the branches are distorted and stretched, and the microcosm is woven. Ensemble Planeta is a living microcosm" bonsai that reproduces the universe in a female voice. It is like. The music, which is not tied to anything other than the binding of being a female voice, cannot be realized without advanced technology, no skill. Medieval European chants or Bulgarian voices? Ravel or Reich? The extracted essence has been poured into the original arrangement of classical songs to create a unique world view, but this time, a completely original song has created a cappella style that is even deeper.


  • 6 songs in total Composition: Kakiage Nahoko
    1. Fine Day
    2. Utakata no Koi ~ Amour qui coule
    3. Ripples Katharsis
    4. Kyrie
    5. Sanctus
    6. Agnus Dei

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