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きみの空も/Nahoko Kakiage/書上奈朋子
禁じられた瞳よ/Nahoko Kakiage/書上奈朋子
The Voice of Energy /書上奈朋子/Nahoko Kakiage
白鳥/書上奈朋子/Nahoko Kakiage
Karzofir/書上奈朋子/Nahoko Kakiage
EMPTINESS/書上奈朋子/Nahoko Kakiage
ある小説家の午後/書上奈朋子/Nahoko Kakiage
教えてください/Nahoko Kakiage/書上奈朋子


EMPTINESS 20211209


2021 12月9日


Heretic and elegant, exotic and nostalgic

1,600 yenSenyokô Madama ButterflyⅡ 1ml sample included
Perfume can not be shipped overseas.


This is the third solo work by Naoko Kakiage, who has been making full use of intense and elegant female voice overdubbing since the eccentric opera era. This time too, all songs are magnificent strings centered around thick chorus work such as Arvo Pärt, Gregorian chant, statement and Bulgarian voice, and have a classical depth like Barber's "Adagio for Strings". In the rhythm track, dark electro elements such as Portishead and Arca are mixed and show heresy. And the aesthetic lyrics in Japanese seem to be a monochrome movie or SF seen with Japanese subtitles, and you can trip to a foreign country.

Excerpt from liner notes by Yoshinori Otomo

I was tasked with writing the liner notes for Baroque, and I interviewed her, but after being explained the words, it's more important to write this as an interview article rather than as liner notes. I still remember being nervous as a part of my diary diary. I'm still worried and blushing whether the liner notes were able to write down the keyword well, but it's not the "contradictory" or "normal naturalness" she talked about, but "various". I think that the feeling of being attracted to the "naturalness that was born by overdoing it" was conveyed with an unprocessed and natural feeling.

Kakiage Nahoko's talent was still terrifying. And. A rare artist who can create unconscious beauty. Speaking of other artists with such talents, I can only think of the deceased Prince and David Bowie.

If you're confused, listen to "Satelna" and "Daydream", and listen to Giacomo Puccini's famous song "One Sunny Day". With this new written version, it's hard to tell the difference between sunny and cloudy days, the border between Italy and Nagasaki isn't clear, and if you're even more confused, that should be a new pleasure. It's an unconscious pleasure. (September 9, 2018) Yoshinori Otomo / Y.ÔTOMO







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